Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Music post: SFATSO

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside is definitely one of my favorite bands. So much that I feel like everyone should know who they are. Unfortunately, I do not think they as well known as they should be. If you are like me and always out there looking for new music, give this band a listen.

So far they only have an Ep and 1 album out.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Disney World!

Just returned from a family trip at the happiest place on Earth. While the vacation was absolutely lovely, I return with a long list of to do's. It was so great to just take a week off and relax by riding rides :). I rode every roller coaster I could at least 4 times each!  I can't believe how much Disney World has changed.

 The bar at Rainforest Cafe. It's a mushroom!

 Speaking of mushrooms, they had a lot of giant ones throughout the park.

 Can you tell what my favorite part of Hollywood Studios is? 

 Finally some pictures of the birds and the tiger in Animal Kingdom.

Overall I am glad to be back at home. It was a really long trip.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Black Creek

Canoeing on Black Creek

The weather is still warm in Mississippi and therefore it is perfect weather to do things a lot of outdoor activities such as canoe, camp, and hike. As much as I wanted to go camping, Bri and I just opted out for canoeing instead. I have not had the opportunity to canoe in quite a few years, so this was a nice change of pace. I was ecstatic and ready by 9 a.m. to leave, although we did not end up leaving till round 12ish. It wasn't really a planned event either. I woke up and just knew exactly what I wanted to do Sunday. To bring the dogs was a serious debate though. One of the dogs gets overly excited and therefore a little hard to handle, but surprising he was well behaved the majority of the trip (The car ride is another story). I really wanted to bring the dogs some place where they can just let loose instead of being restricted by leashes and fences. At first they were a little weary of the boat, but once they got into the rhythm of  things, they absolutely loved it. We saw all kinds of turtles, including the one we moved off the road in fear it would get hit by a car. We also numerous birds such as blue jays, red herrings, red headed woodpeckers, cardinals, and a rather large bird with a red chest. Whenever we were beached on a sand bar, a deer just came out of nowhere and of course I didn't have my camera! It ran away as soon as it saw us though so I don't imagine me getting a picture anyway. Overall it was a lot of fun. I hope it will not be another few years until I go again.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Favorite Clock

I love the continuous sound that it makes. Although some may find it annoying, I find it rather soothing when I hear clocks ticking. I started a clock collection probably about a couple of years ago. What started to be one clock pendulum grew to about 30 various kinds. The collection has gotten a little ridiculous so the time has come to part with some. Here is one of my favorites that I am sadly letting go.  It was made in the 1950's and has a cute sailboat on it. I've only been sailing a couple of time, and if I had the resources, I would definitely go more. Maybe someone who is super into boats and old clocks will like this one.

Friday, October 12, 2012

We Won!

I have been playing in a D-Leauge softball team for Bri and I's local bar for about two seasons now. Unfortunately, every time we have played, we have lost (and by lost, I mean got creamed!). Along with my own, our luck has seemed to change and the tables have turned. We were scheduled to play three games consecutively, which I started off not looking forward to. I thought losing three games in a row will just crush our spirits, and it had already been an extremely long day. To make a long story short, we won! We actually won the first game we played! It felt wonderful and everyone played so beautifully, including Bri, who made a beautiful catch when the batter hit a foul ball.  The next game, we lost, but not so bad. The score was like 10-19, and we were all proud of those 10 runs. And last but not least, our final game we won too!
After going to the bar last night, we could still feel the excitement linger on about our win. Even though we are all in good spirits about the game even if we do lose, it felt really good to be able to know what a win feels like too.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stuck on new music!

I just love it when I find a band that I get stuck on. It does not happen too often, but when it does, gosh it's just marvelous! I suddenly find myself researching every album and finding out as much info about the group as I can. I grew up listening to a lot of punk and ska music, and as I have gotten older my taste in music has became much more eclectic. For instance, I fell in love with old school sounds; everything from "Pink Floyd" to "Peggy Lee". Also, every now and then I find a modern artist I love such as "Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside" and "Thao."Really though, that is a once in a blue moon scenario.

Overall though, I can't help but have a soft spot for beachy sounding music like the "Beach Boys" (literally have been stuck on them for about 2 years now). Probably because it reminds me of my ska roots yet still has a different-but-great vibe to it. On another note, check out this group The Growlers. They are pretty righteous! Here is a snazzy video I found earlier when I was looking at other music. It seems quite appropriate being that Halloween is approaching!!! Eeps!!! I'm so excited! It is my all-time favorite holiday! Hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Even though we get an occasional cool weather, it is still rather warm here in Hattiesburg. The only great thing about warm weather is you are able to wear awesome vintage linen shirts like this one! This one in particular has flowers embroidered at the bottom as you can see in the first picture. I just love pairing this shirt with these capris. The colors remind me of bumble bees, and this outfit's style feels like I've just been brought back to the 1950's. I feel somewhat like Rizzo from the movie Grease when I wear it. I just love it! The best part is, this whole outfit was thrifted! As you will come to know, I am a bargain shopper, therefore almost everything I wear is most likely thrifted :) On another note, I wish I could tell you which dog sneaked their butt in the last photo. Have a great night!

<3 Mims